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Location 10mins 16s, 26mins 19

God has revealed


I hear the Spirit of God saying if you thought that the volcanoes 

were something else, you ought to see and look out for the asteroid. I see an 

asteroid falling down on the earth. I hear the Spirit of God saying that I 

decided to take out a third part of the angels of heaven all by an asteroid. I 

see destruction and calamity in the earth. I see asteroid falling out of the sky. 

Thus sayeth the sound of the True and Living God, you’ve got to hear what 

God is saying on today. God is saying that your going to see asteroids falling 

out the sky. A place of space even right now. Out of the stratosphere on 

today. Asteroids like never seen or heard before.

 But you are going to see asteroid like never seen on the earth. For 

an asteroid is going to hit the earth, it is going to fill like an earth quake 

multiply by 10, coming from all different directions. I hear God saying don’t 

ignore the signs of the time. He's saying that the writing is on the wall. The 

hand writing is on the wall. His Son Jesus Christ coming soon and very soon. 



Location 5mins 44s

God has revealed


There is going to be a flood in Louisiana. It is coming this year.



4mins 22s, 10mins 45s, 8mins 24s 

God has revealed


This year will be the year of signs in the heavens. I hear the Holy Ghost 

saying that this year will be the year of the signs in the heavens to show that 

Jesus Christ is coming soon and very soon. God said we prophesied about 

volcanoes and since God has given that word, there has been multiple 

volcanoes to erupt. Hawaii and Europe. But the one that I see brewing the 

most; I hear the Spirit of God saying that the volcano found in Europe is 

going to explode. You know the one that they’re talking about in Italy. I hear 

the Holy Ghost saying on today that in the next 7 or 14 days you can find 

that explosion over there in that volcano, in that country called Italy.


I see cattle dying on the earth like never seen before. I hear the 

Spirit of God saying to prepare all of the meat that you can, the red meat 

that you would like to eat, and freeze it up in your freezer. Why? Because 

there is going to be a shortage of stock. I see the spirit of the mad cow 

disease being released on the animals even right now. Being released on the 

stock even right now. You’ve got to stock up your pantry with all of the red 

meat that you desire to eat. Why? Because I hear the Spirit of the God 

saying that there will not be enough red meat for a season, as a token and a 

sign, this is a sign inside of the heavens that My Son is coming back soon and 

very soon.



For I hear the Spirit of God saying there will be a mud slide in California. I 

hear the Spirit of the God saying don’t ignore the signs of the time, to look 

this year for a massive mud slide in California.




21mins 46s

God has revealed

 1. I hear the Spirit of God saying that within 7 days the Stock Market it is going to rise up in wheat. that there is going to be a rise in the Stock of wheat for the next 3 months.

2. Supercell Tornado in Kansas.  The Suppercell of the tornado it has multiple 

tornado’s inside of one storm.






15 mins 18s

God has revealed

1. CHINA I hear the Spirit of God saying they are testing the government, they are trying to find out which nuclear war head has the ability the go as far as they can. For I hear the Spirit of God saying that China is testing their nuclear war head. They are putting one war head up against another they are testing and finding out which one will make it the fastest and the closest. Which one will be able to perform better? In the next 7 days you are going to see reprimands nuclear war head.






Location 12 mins 20s ,  13 mins 20s

God has revealed

1. INTRODUCTION OF THE FINANCIAL BEAST. Joseph met Potiphar and he said I believe and will invest in Joseph. And I see many investing in the system. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that many are investing into the Brexit system. But I hear God saying that this will be the introduction of the financial beast. This will be the introduction of everybody buying into a system that will make you only buy into things that comes from Brexit. What is God saying on today? God is saying that Potiphar decided to invest inside of Joseph. And I hear the Spirit of God saying that there are many investors found inside of the Stock Market. But none of them can catch up to a man name Warren Buffet. Because the enemy comes to buffet.

NEW STOCK MARKET I hear the Spirit of God saying that in 40 days there is 

going to be a crash in the Stock Market. But I hear God saying that if you 

would put your money on the corn, kind of like how Joseph did, why? I hear 

the Spirit of God saying for the investors to put their money on the corn, 

because the corn is what is going to carry the Stock Market unto the next 

level. I see a new Stock Market rising up. I hear the Spirit of God saying that 

they are even talking about it and that it is in the works now. Within the third 

quarter of this year, the new Stock Market will rise up. It is going to be 

technology driven but it is going to have an attachment and ties to the Brexit 

system. I hear the Spirit of God saying that the enemy is getting into position 

but what he does not recognize is that I already had Joseph into position so 

that he will be able to lead My people out of the famine of the land. Potiphar 

was the man that said I believe I will invest in Joseph, I believe I will buy 

stock in Joseph, because God is with him. I don’t know Joseph’s God but I 

know the anointing when I see it. I hear God saying that the spirit of the 

harvester is in the line even right now. God is saying because the spirit of the 

harvester is in the line that your greater is coming. The spirit of the seed is 

there and what seeds does when it is planted it gives a harvest






Location 37 mins 10s

God has revealed

1. FOREST FIRE God is saying within this year 2017, that there is going to be a forest fire like never seen before. I see the forest trees on fire.

There is going to be a falling away of a leader inside of the Roman Catholic Church.

2. CNN: God is saying for those that don’t believe to follow CNN for I see great attack on CNN news to the point that they are going to have to sell the network. That which is called CNN will be called CNN no more. 



Location 8 mins 26s, 9 mins 06s, 19 mins 37s, 22 mins 14s, 31 min 43s

God has revealed

1. Argentina

I hear the Spirit of God saying that the truth is that the earthquake for Argentina is right around the corner. The people are telling others don’t talk about the sins. They are saying don’t reveal their sins, but God is saying I am bringing earthquakes to Argentina, to acknowledge the sins, to remind my people. 

2. White House

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying we are going to see the evil on the earth like never seen before. I hear God saying that there is going to be a falling down in the hierarchy. There is going to be a falling down of somebody found in the White House. 

3. Prophetic Increase

Ecclesiastes 11:3 God is saying that I am going to increase the ministries out there. The spirit of increase has been released in the heavens. I hear the Spirit of God saying that the angel of increase has been released upon the ministries of the Light of the world of the shadow of the earth. Why? I see God showing me the heavens right now and it is enlarging its territory that the shadows above of the heaven of the firmament is enlarging its territory even on today. God is speaking to my heart and saying tell my people to gather all the lost sheep, gather all those that have turned away. I hear God saying that this is a call to the Pastors, to gather all of those, where are your phone calls on today. If you haven’t seen them in the ministry you ought to be calling them, and to find out where are you I have not seen you in a couple of weeks. I hear God saying that the spirit of the gather is up upon the ministries even right now. I see a vision of a light house. I see the light house in the heaven and God is saying that the light is shining so bright. It is searching and looking out in the waters for those that have drowned. It is searching and looking in the waters for those that need a buoy. Does anybody need a buoy on today, a life line! I see the vision of the light house and it has the Holy Spirit at the top, and He is shining the light down looking for all of those that are lost in the deep dark water. Somebody is lost in the deep dark water on today but God said I have come so your soul may find rest…..I hear the Spirit of God saying that I am laying the clay in the eye of the people that cannot see on today because we are breaking every chains in the spiritual realm. We are breaking every homosexuality, sadness, and depression in the spiritual realm.

4. Florida

I hear the Spirit of God saying to get ready for the hurricane because we are going to find a hurricane in Florida.



Location 5mins 52s ,  13 mins 48s,  8mins 28s 

God has revealed

1. Lightening Storm In The South

For I hear the prophetic sound of God saying that in 3 days there will be a lightning strike; in 3 days there will be a lightning strike found in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere of where? The United States, that within 3 days we’re going to see a lightning storm and the lights went out.

2. Black Out In New York

For I see the lights going out in New York. . The Bible declares that the sun will turn into darkness in the last days of the coming of Christ  and that is why I saw New York in a place of darkness, for there is going to be an attack on the Grid System the electrical system. And God is saying that this is a signet and a token for those that are in the dark. 

3. Tsunamis in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean

For I see a tsunami brewing and bubbling inside of the Pacific Ocean. I see a tsunami brewing, brewing and bubbling inside of the Atlantic Ocean. 

4. Icebergs Melting Signs and Wonders

I hear the Holy Ghost saying well they are talking about a meltdown found inside of Antarctica. Well, let us talk about that a little. For I see icebergs melting in Antarctica. I see everything reverting back. The Bible declares that it the end time you will not know the summer from the winter nor the winter from the summer. 

5. ColdFront In Africa

For I see a cold front going over the South of Africa. I hear the Spirit of God saying that within 3 months there is going to be a cold front in Africa, found in the Southern hemisphere, why? Because God is saying this is a sign and a token that My Son is coming back soon and very soon.  


BlackOut In Newyork



Location 15 mins 29s, 16 mins 45s

God has revealed. 

1. A tsunami is well on the way to Argentina. 

2. There i going to be a terrorist threat in New York

3. Canadian Matriarch Lost

I see the judgement of God moving upon the earth. God said we are going to speak about Canada. I hear the Spirit of God saying that there is going to be a falling away of a matriarch that governs Canada. For God even showed earlier that there is going to be many people sitting in hierarchy places that were going to fall off this year. In thirty one (31) days you can look to expect the falling away of the ruler of Canada. 



Location 6 mins 27s

God has revealed

1. There will be a storm in 7 days that sweeps across the California area.  The West is going to find their way in a tumultuous storm in the next 7 days.  I hear God saying if My people who are called by My name would humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways I am ready to heal the land.  In 7 days, you are going to see a storm like never seen before in the West part of the earth.  It is going to be a mixed of multitude of things.  I see lightning in the heavens. .

2. I see a great earth quake found in Europe. God said there was going to be an earth quake in Argentina.  For I see a great earth quake in the 5th month of this year 2017.  In May, diverse earth quakes found in Europe. God says tell you again in case it might have slip you by or you might have forgotten. There will be an earth quake in Europe in the 5 month of 2017. 




Location 13:41 , 41: 32mins

God has revealed.

1. There will be a great flood in Europe.  I see the flood gates of heaven opening and pouring out. I hear the Spirit of God saying that because of the flood there will be a great famine in the land. But the famine is in the financial realm.

2. Brexit, a bank found in multiple countries. This is going to be the introduction of the rising up of the financial beast. For I see the angels of the Lord going into the Brexit system and they are tearing down the walls from the inside out. 

3. God is saying there will be a great falling down of a leader found in the African tribe of the Zulu nation. I hear the Spirit of God saying, where do you think the tribe of Zebulun come from it cane from the Zulu the tribe of the people of My people of the West. And i see a great falling down of an African hierarchy found in the Zebulun Tribe, found in the Tribe of Zulu.

4.  I see a great falling down of many tribal leaders, many hierarchy leaders, many leaders found in government.  

5.  I hear God saying that the Dow and Jones Stock Market in 7 days, when? In 7 days. Next week Thursday there will be a dip in the market. 



Video 12/28/16 

Location 30:13 mins/44:22 mins

God has revealed

1. I hear the sound of the True and Living God saying I am going to open the grave of the volcanic system on the earth. In the year 2017 there will be more volcanoes eruptions like ever seen on the earth. 

2. There is going to be a high profile case of an abduction of a child in Asia. A very high profile case in the entertainment industry. I hear the Spirit of God saying I am going to use you (Allyssa) to cross the lines of the waters. Meaning to go out into different countries and solve those cases. For I see a child being abducted 2017

Video 12/27/16

Location 4:35mins, 8:17 mins,  44:01 mins, 46:21 mins, 51:57 mins

God has revealed

1. Volcano eruption in Hawaii I see people in Hawaii running for their lives, but they have no where to go to because the island is surrounded by water. 

2. Destruction is coming to the first half of 2017. Destruction in the earth like never seen before. For i see volcanoes erupting I even see famine and a stillness in the air.

3. There will be an Earth quake in Africa, Tanzania  

4.  There will be a rise in gold Stock Market. I see the month of March and          April. There will be a rise in the coins of gold, but I hear God saying if you      invest in gold in the month of March and get it out in the month of April          you can make a little bit of money. 

5. Inflation is going to rise up in the next 12 months it is going to double up. 

6. Invest In Procter and Gamble COLGATE,  NESTLE. 

7. I see the Northern hemisphere getting hit with an other bad storm in about     7 days, stock up your pantry. For the last one we predicted came to pass.       In the next 7 days get ready because ice and snow is coming your way. I         see a great accident on I 94 taking the lives of about 6 to 9 people.  I even     see it taking the life of a baby. 


8. The fall of a dictator in China will happen within the next 4 months.

9. I see in the world a switch in the weather in Africa. In the Southern area of Africa. I see a mighty rain fall within the next 6 months like never seen before. I hear the Spirit of God saying you know it never rains there. But I am going to send rain there as a testament and a sign and when it rains things like the Zika disease are gonna come out even all the more. You better go some where and  start praying. This is a pestilence God speaks about before His Son comes.

10. There will be Nuclear spill found in Europe 2017

11. There will be Contaminants in the water supply 

12. There will be A great oil spill this year will happen in 2017. 



1. Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii

2. Volcanoes Erupting

12/21/16  Video

Location 31:44, 39:57, 40:58,  42:47 (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed 

1. Australia...There will be a tsunami in 6 months time up on this land.

    I saw the country of Australia under water

2. Ice Storm in  3 days...Get ready for the ice storm, because it is well on its       way. If you leave in the Northern hemisphere, you better go and buy salt         right now, because God is the salt of the earth. 

3. 2017/ 2018 are the years of earthly destruction, tsunamis, floods.

4. There will be Flood In Louisiana

5. The loss of two famous Old School Rap Artist, a man and a woman.

6. There will be an assassination attempt in the White House


2. STORM EUROPA CRIPPLES U.S.          brings-snow-rain/vi-BBxvgD0

12/19/16  Video

Location 21:56, 38:46 (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed 

1. Volcanic Eruptions In Mountains of Hawaii.. I see an eruption two back to         back lava falling down in the next 45 days in Hawaii two mountains back to     back

2. Attack on Social Media in the Courts...Pray for the media and social media       because the enemy is trying to use the people to file lawsuits to change         and create social media laws. The true agenda is to shut down The                 spreading of Christ on Social media. 7 Day manifestation  in 

    with laws that will try to suppress and dominates social 

    media in 7 days.



12/16/16  Video

Location 6:59, 15:27  (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed 

1. A major drought inside of Africa within the span of one year

2. Ice Storm...There will be an outcry of a rain fall in the next 

   7 to 21 days found in the northern part of the hemisphere. It is 

   going to be freezing rain. God is saying get ready for the greatest ice storm    since 2007/2008

                                 FACTUAL CONFIRMATIONS




2. Storm Fortis Claims Lives

12/12/16 Video

Location 18:54, 40:57  (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed

1. Judgement in Flint  leadership water crisis in less than 60 days 

2. There is going to be an earthquake in Argentina in 3months.


1.Flint Water Charges 4 Officials Charged 12/20/16

12/9/16  Video

Location 10:22, 34:61 36:19  (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed 

1. Lightning  storm striking on the southern hemisphere in 16 days 

2. In 30 days the train in London going to Africa is going to crash




2. Train Accident

12/5/16 Video

Location Minutes/Seconds 9:31-34:11  (minutes & seconds)

God has revealed 

1. Within 30 Days There will be  Spiritual Calamity in The White House

2. There will be an earthquake in the west coast of California in 30 days

3. Famine that will come within 3 years 

4. A shift in the world in the 3 years we are getting ready to meet the           financial beast of the land.  


2.                   earthquakes-strike-california-mexico-border.html

11/11/16  Video

God has revealed:

1. A vision of cannons going on turmoils and despair in the world

2. A veneral disease worst than HIV that is coming.


Possible Volcanic Eruption On The Horizon In Europe

ERUPTION WARNING: North Korean supervolcano could blow and cause WORLDWIDE devastation


Diana Black Attended the Healing Crusade and received healing in her ear. Diane was partly deaf in her right ear. God restored Diane's ear to 100% hearing in our service. 

Monica Sonnier-Barrow received healed from disk problems.


Gaila Thomas experienced foot pain for three years foot pain is gone. Gail was healed from back pain. 

Hello. Women of God 

"I was letting my Husband listening to your message and gave us confirmation, we are just now getting the paperwork started on our ministry. How you spoke about a cold that is what he have, how you was speaking on land on London Ave. and he keep saying we were moving but i was praying for were to go and you stated and so i look it up and it in the city that he want to live in when i shown it too him awhile back. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. thank you for the conformation what we needed to here for today. Thank your so much for being the women that you are called to be."  

Charleen M. Davis , Kevin L Davis Sr. 

"Hello Thank you for that word everything you said about me was true. That was true confirmation that i don't need to stress over things. Let go and let God."  

Reneshia Osby

"Woman Of God  I just want you to know that what you said about my mother was said about two months ago by a young lady that didn't even know her, I've thought I had gotten over her death she passed in 92 but I guess in my subconscious I must still be grieving for her and not known it I keep asking God why does it feel like I'm at a stand still, thank you for allowing God to use you, how do I move on, could it be because I have her ashes they were to have been spread in California by my eldest son but it didn't happen, long story but I ended up with them, I am going to seek God, I know that she's not in the ashes and that it's just something that is a custom in families." 

Cheryl AnointedbyGod Fordham

"Hi Allyssa. I just finished watching your live broadcast. I didn't want to break the prophetic flow, so I kept my comments to a minimum. However, I want you to know how much your speaking today blessed me. I am 56 years old. I have been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit for almost 31 years. You spoke into so many different areas of my life. I have been having pain in my hip that had almost stopped me from going out of the house much. I am not on a cane, but I know it could have reached that point. You said I need a job. That is true. It is also true that the worsening pain was making it harder and harder for me to have hope that I would ever be able to work again. I have been gaining weight for the past three years. I worked as a teacher assistant in special education. The word you spoke over me today came as a lifesaver!" 


Susan Davis Stevens

"Hi Prophetess you prophesied over me today and  the things you said was so true my mom had me at 18 but every time I go into to a job I feel rejected and from my family members but I couldn't understand why and god reveal it to me today but I feel so hurt how my mom rejected I don't know why she is deceased now so that why I question it  but I thank you so much   For allowing  God to use you your truly sent from God I never knew this until today wow." 

Terria Howard

"Prophetess You prophesied to me on yesterday, and called my name out!!! You said God is releasing my financial angel!!! I just wanted you to know I got some money on yesterday!!! The word came to pass!!! You know a true prophet when what they speak comes to pass!!! You are a true prophet!!! To God be the glory in Jesus mighty name, Amen!!! Blessings"