Hezbollah will become the Major Principality for A Muslim Related War Against The USA

Iran will become the financial structure to fulfill the mission. I saw a Big Demon (Dragon/Beast being fed by the government of Iran)

Hezbollah will start this war and own a great portion of the original Iranian Territories.

Travel to the Holy Land will become a thing of the past over the next 2 years

Syria will lose its government

            Saudi Arabia will just become richer and richer

            Millions will come under Hezbollah and Iran is the Beast

Qatar Will Become The Subservient to Hezbollah 2nd In command

All Muslim Extremist will Come Under Hezbollah

God Is Revealing Hierarchy

Yemen will break away and turn on The Principality and they will fight against each other.


        I Saw The Ukraine War Ending and The Death of Putin and No One will Replace his Mission By the End of 2024
          France and Italy at War. I saw these two countries in a Battle
          North Korea...I saw them at War
          I saw Egypt at War
          China will break away from Russia there will be something like a turf war.




I saw a major assassination attempt in The White House

Right now, the Enemy is planning a terrorist attack on the financial system but the government will step in.

Gerald E. Ford will Emerge with Secrets Being Told and Revealed

 2024 Will Be The Year Of Scandal In The White House From Revealed Mysteries As It Relates To Slavery.

The Are Going To Find The Evidence Of Slavery On The White House Grounds That Will Enrage A People

I See Open Visits To The White House Suddenly Stop…Close For Construction

We are going to loose Governmental Generals over the next 2 years (Secretary of State Office)

 Fighter Jets will become missing in action in training exercises that will change the trajectory of war planes

I Saw The Pentagon Go Through A Major Expansion As The Result Of National Security

2024 Will Be The Year Of Open Boarders, And Closed Passports.

There will be a pause in passports. If you need one, get it now.

Travel bans to and African countries especially Angola. I saw Haitians crying and there will be a changing of the Guards in Haiti.

They are making bombs of Mass destruction in Libya that we have never seen.

I see the blue prints and a chemical of grey matter. You can stretch it. It is shiny like a putty and it has to stay cold.



There will be a cracked down on fraudulent tax payers. I see a sting.


There will be reports of Tiger Extinctions



More Breakthroughs in Sickle Cell…They will find a cure

They are going to create a cure for AIDS not HIV but AIDS.

THE YEAR 2024 Will be The Year of Cures


The earth will be much colder. They are going to find something in the Core of The Earth

Between to Mantle and the 1st Layer That will change the way we view the world



Drought In Jan -May

The Dominican Republic will become decimated with a Major Hurricane.

 They will look to rebuild but it just will not happen .

I saw a man knocked down and trying to get back up over and over but he could not.


 2024 will be the year of Volcanic Activity in strange places and will become so common to hear about that you will barely be able to keep up

Antigua- I saw Antigua and heard a lot of seismic activity there

There will come a storm into Myrtle Beach that will be catastrophic

Jacksonville Florida will suffer but recover quickly

Sarasota Florida…I saw High Waves There. They will receive a flood of the century

The Word THERMAL will appear


Wall street is going to crash but recover immediately.

The Insurance Industry will Crash and seek Bailouts, but recover. Laws will be passed to change the industry.


They are going to pass a law that will incorporate all brown people.



2024 Will Be the Year of The Office of Colin Powell and Those That Have Served In This Capacity (Office).

Governmental Generals will be laid to rest.

Pray for their salvation. Pray for Condolezza Rice

I saw a Spirit of Death Upon Biden

Queen Latifah…Pray for her because I saw a skin cancer there.

I Saw Them Fighting Over The Song….Now Behold The Lamb By Tamela Mann

as It concerns a Remake. I saw a Copy Rights Infringement


Hannity with Tucker there is a Spirit of Death There


The New Crashless Car

2024 Will Be The Year of Explosion in Automobiles (SALES). The New Crashless Car will explode with expansion.

The insurance industry will crash I saw a lot of insurance doors closed because of these new crashless cars.



They are going to bring back The Cotton Club

They are coming out with another Superman Movie that will top the Box Office Best Movie Sales


I Saw 4 Major Plane Crashes in the year, Mostly in the middle and toward the end of 2024

Something will happen at Thanksgiving - Christmas Time that will Put Us In Mourning

A Major Prison will catch fire and a lot of inmates will die Then the nation will go through Prison Reform.


Scandinavia- You're going to see them all over the news

The lights will go out in Chicago. I saw an electrical circuit board sabotage.

It will look impossible to get the lights back on but they will recover.



The church will go through a photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the amazing process that turns sunlight,

water, and carbon dioxide into food and oxygen for plants, algae, and some bacteria. Taking what It has to Grow. God will take the word and grow the church. I saw Supercells of Evangelism. The Prophetic Word of The Church is Evangelism. We will pull out of the Prophetic and go into Evangelism Projects that will create a Movement…Soul Winning

Feeding The Hungry and Homeless Ministries will Rise Up

The Church will come into a place of RESTABLISHMENT

The Church will become an EMERGENT

The Days of Mega Church are Dissipating and Turning Into Supercells

Everything is going Online…Everything will become Seminar Related

Then they will come together for worship conferences and experience a movement of the Holy Spirit.

There is going to be a wave of teaching. I saw THE CHURCH as A School

End Time Prophets will turn into Lone Wolfs' prophesying about the end-times and revealing and teaching about The Occult and The Darkside.. Warnings about masquerade practices that lure Christians into operating in the demonic

Sounding The Alarm

God Is calling The Church to become involved in Tel Communications over the next 15-20years

as this industry will become a leading force in financial increase growth and future technology 

 God does not want The Church to become left behind

2024 Will be the year of Mergers and Acquisitions in telecommunications

Invest in Telecom

In 5 years, something will come out to replace all land lines an give options to whether you want it or the cell phone.

Cell phones will not become obsolete but almost.

I saw a great migration of people from cell phones into this new technology

and it will be connected to infrastructure of fiberoptics and they will say,  "It was there all the time."

God is calling the church to compete and invest in (time resource )  NEW ENERGY SOURCES

There will be the implementation of a new energy source it will be a new type of energy source


Part II Dec. 15, 2023

Famous People Cont'd

Pray for Chris Rock. He can’t joke his way out of this one

                                                                                                                                                   Pray for Chaka Khan I her laying in a coffin

Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge a spirit of death is there

I saw The Jackson 5 transitioning one by one, falling off

Pray for Janet Jackson, I saw her life flash before my eyes

I saw a spirit of death with Mystical. Pray for his salvation

World Events

Airplane Turbulence to the point of a crash In the Indian Ocean and Pacific Boarder.

They will not be able to tell where it landed.

I saw a Major Snow Storm as New Years Eve and New Years Meet

The Housing Market will crash around June. They are going to restructure laws as a result.

India is a ticking time bomb.

I saw an apocalyptic explosion on the earth. A great ball of fire.

2024 Jewelry Heists will be on the rise.

There will be a train crash in the beginning of 2024 that is surprise the nation.

They will find dinosaurs fossils that will shock them.


Manifestation #1. Henry Kissinger former Secretary of State Passes Away on 11/30/23